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Christmas Gifts Idea!

Christmas Gifts Idea!

Personalised gifts are the thing this year! Why give something that thousands of other people will give? Giving something that is meaningful and precious is the key to a successful gift. From custom phone covers to pillow cases, anything can be made specifically for one person now a days. This makes the gifts 100% theirs and unique.  

Giving the gift of a memory that will last forever is the best idea! With Photoengraved pendants any photo your heart desires can become a timeless jewellery piece. Have a picture of your daughter at graduation, your pet, your grandmother, or even last Christmas? Have it engraved onto a pendant that can become a necklace or bracelet.  

How to take pictures of your pet for photo engraving

How to take pictures of your pet for photo engraving

Here’s 4 steps to take an adorable picture of your pet that will look great on one of our pendants

1. Pick a location

First things first, you should decide on whether you want just your pet on the necklace or the background included. If you do opt for the background try to choose something simple like a grass field or couch.

How to take pictures of your pet for photo engraving


2. Your Subject

Decide whether you want your pendant to have just your pet or you want to be in the photo too! Another option would be having a family member jump in. 


How to take pictures of your pet for photo engraving


3. Stay!

Get them to stay still. Offer them a treat in exchange for their getting their picture taken.

Tip: Set up the camera so that you can quick snap the shots, just in case.

How to take pictures of your pet for photo engraving


4. Lights, Camera, Action

Try to make sure you have good lighting because, that’s the key to getting a great picture.

 Tip: Be careful with the flash!

How to take pictures of your pet for photo engraving
Where to Find Golden Reflections Photo Gifts?

Where to Find Golden Reflections Photo Gifts?

If you are looking for a physical store, you can go to your nearest Walmart or Charm Diamond Centre:

Use Walmart Store locator

Find a Charm Diamond Centre

Or you can place an order online through our website:

– Official Website:

Etsy Online Store

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* Please note Black Friday discount only applies to online orders only.

Watch Is Not The Only Thing on Men’s Wrists

Accessories are not merely a part of fashion, some timeless pieces could remain in fashion year after year.  Trendy jewelleries are not only for women any more.  In the early days, watches were the only hand accessories you could find on men’s wrists, identifying their social class and socioeconomic status.

Watch Is Not The Only Thing on Men’s Wrists
Watch Is Not The Only Thing on Men’s Wrists

Nowadays, there are a wide range of men’s jewelleries showing individual characters, especially bracelets.  Adding an accessory can help you to complete your outfit. “You don’t want your jewelry to wear you – you want to wear it. ” says Philip Crangi, a rising star jewellery designer in States, “Whatever you get, you should feel like yourself.”    Let’s take a peek of those popular fashion items in their wardrobe:


A deep, rich brown bit of leather on your wrist signals refined masculinity. It is a great way to express your inner rebel without going overboard.


Woven bracelets is a great way to accent any color of your outfit.  Start with something that you’ve already got hanging in your closet.


You can effortlessly stack a variety of styles together to create a fresh look.  Alter size of bead, material and color to create your own individual combinations. [tips: Black and greyscale beads give smart, tailored outfits an edge whilst wooden versions offer a natural, outdoors charm to heritage ensembles.]


Metal bracelets – specifically ID bracelets – probably represent the most masculine wrist wear option, largely due to their military connotations. The medical bracelets can be customized with medical alert to retain a sense of masculinity and convey a notion of tasteful rebellion with their sleek appearance.

Watch Is Not The Only Thing on Men’s Wrists
Watch Is Not The Only Thing on Men’s Wrists

Let us give you a hand: 3 tips for designing your perfect business card


-Company name or logo
-Email address
-Telephone numbers

Remember: keep it simple as possible

Text Size

-Address and Phone contact info should be 7 to 8 point
-Name should be 1 point bigger or set in a bold typeface
-Title could be the same size as your address details or 1 point smaller
-Company Name should have a minimum of 12 point

Remember: different font size and weights help direct the eye to what is important


-Typeface suggested in the corporate identity
-Be sure to work with a font that works for print; some fonts tend to print small
-Pick something eye
-catching or different but legible
-Try inverted typography meaning the background is coloured while the text is white

Remember: try to use a max. of 2 different fonts; try playing with the style if needed  

With your first order, you will get 500 Business Cards (full colour, double-sided, 14 pt High Gloss AQ) for FREE

Life-saving Jewelleries for Kids and Teens

Medical jewellery has been constantly evolving but the purpose will forever remain the same: speak for you when you can’t. Thousands of people wear these life-saving jewellery everyday to ensure fast response time in an emergency, especially for kids. Help your kids when they can’t.


With our ID jewellery, your child can choose a variety of styles and colours no matter what their lifestyle or medical condition. Boys and girls alike, have options. From pink/blue macramé to stainless steel, we have products that will please your kids and more importantly, put your mind as ease. With our product variety, we can evolve as your kids’ style does. With our interchangeable tags, girls and boys can change the colours and style of their jewellery whenever they want.

In some cases, an ID tag can save your child’s life. Take the time to make sure they love their bracelets so they feel comfortable wearing them every day. For example, if your child was lost or hurt, anyone would be able to help when you are not there. Although jewellery may seem like the last worry on your mind,it shouldn’t be.

With our bracelets anyone can get in touch with you faster and get your child back on the right track, straight into your arms. Take matters into your own hands and protect your children from any possible hidden danger.

Medical ID Is Essential If You Are Allergic to Latex – World Allergy Organization

Latex allergy is common among people.  You can find them in many daily consumer products such as condoms, balloons and gloves. It is widely used in medical equipment as well. With anyone who has severe allergy, repeated exposure to latex may lead to life threatening symptoms.


Wear a medic alert bracelet or necklace, especially if the allergy is severe and life threatening.” suggested by the World Allergy Organization.

It is necessary to communicate with your healthcare professionals if you are under any treatment.  For instance, doctors who have been informed will wash carefully and change their outer garments of latex gloves before the treatment of a highly latex protein allergic patient.


Read moreAllergic Reactions to Latex – WAO

Home Décor Stickers

Why paint when you can stick! Now with adhesive vinyl stickers, home décor has never been easier.

Owl Viynl Sticker

Want a quick way to brighten your living space? Instead of the mess of painting or hassle of hanging, try sticking! With endless possibilities for designs, make a quick change to a room by simply sticking art on your wall. Whether it be an owl in your child’s playroom or a memorable quote in your living room, these removable adhesive vinyl stickers will upgrade your home décor. Then, when the time has come for a change, you’ll be ready… with no fuss! We use a durable, easy to apply, and re-usable material that will personalize your blank wall in minutes. Feel free to try putting these stickers on any surface – they are perfect for adding flare to your bedroom, windows, or even laptops!

Click here to get creative!

How to Choose the Right Hanging Hardware for Your Canvas?

Canvas printings come in all sizes, from under 12 inches to over 100 inches. If you wish to hang a stretched canvas painting on a wall without framing it, you need to use two nails per side in order to hang your pictures safely and securely.

Step 1: Order a canvas printing from just $10: Click Here

Step 2: Hold the painting up to the wall in the position that you wish to hang it.

Step 3: Lower the painting 1 inch and use a pencil to create four marks directly above the painting. The marks should be one-third from each side of the painting.

Step 4: Hammer a nail into each mark, leaving about 1/2 inch of nail protruding from the wall.  A 2-inch nail should be sufficient to hang all average-sized stretched canvases that have 1/2-inch thick frames.

Step 5: Hang the painting by resting the frame over the nails.

 How to Choose the Right Hanging Hardware for Your Canvas?

However, if it is a framed picture (less than 20 pounds), it’s good to have a selection of these hangers and nails (showed on the picture) on hand in different sizes as well. Large versions installed with an angled nail can support up to 20 lbs. For heavier loads (25 pounds to 50 pounds), use a flat-mounted hook and an anchor.


Read more:

How Do I Hang a Stretched Canvas Painting?
How to Choose the Right Hanging Hardware?

Do you use MiniCards for your business?

What are MiniCards?

MiniCards are usually two-thirds or half the size of Business Cards but they are widely used to promote your attraction, restaurant, gallery, museum, tour, shop, service, product or even yourself.  They fit perfectly in pockets, purses and wallets.

What information should I put on my MiniCards?

You need to make sure that you personalize your portfolio, images or information to target residents, business people and tourists to promote your business.
– Business Name & LOGO
– Discount / Special Offers (w/images – optional)
– Business Hours
– Contact Info Location & Map
– Social Media Accounts & QR Code  

How to get my 500 MiniCards for FREE?

Click Here for 500 free cards with your first order.  When uploading your design, just put trim size in the notes.
We would also like you to take additional 10% OFF! Promo Code: ijustsave10